Once again this year, the AECC Barcelona fundraiser has obtained excellent results thanks to the communication strategy implemented.

2020 was a year of reinvention for many. We had to get used to moving from direct contact between people to contact behind screens, waiting for the eternal “return to normality”. This was also the situation for the AECC on its traditional annual fundraising day, which had more of a digital presence than a face-to-face one. In 2021, we recovered the actions in the streets of Barcelona and carried out a presential communication strategy, as well as a digital one, the now usual companion of this new dual reality.

On Thursday 17 June, more than 500 volunteers from the association took to the streets through a multitude of tables set up in different parts of the city. This year, under the slogan The other side of the coin, the AECC highlighted that the pandemic has further aggravated a situation of vulnerability that already existed in the cancer population, increasing the psychological, economic, social and occupational impact on patients and their families.

1990 MCS has worked on a communication and information management strategy, achieving wide coverage in radio programmes on most Catalan radio stations and various publications in the written press