We end the year with an unprecedented digital transformation, especially in the world of communication.

Christmas 2020 is going to be, in terms of communication, just as unusual as the rest of the year has been. The characteristic Christmas news of street lights, nougat sales and the arrival of the Three Wise Men will coexist with information about contagions, perimeter confinement and family groups with or without relatives.
Over the last few months, the media have accustomed us to this strange relationship between what is expected on special dates and the shock of reality of the data relating to Covid-19.
This situation has led all companies and their brands to make an effort to communicate in a different way. Both corporate communication and advertising have merged into a message of solidarity and a plea for the common good, to value what is important, to share and to think of better times. The traditional National Lottery and Campofrío spots, to give two examples, have done so, but we have also seen it in the headlines of the newspapers when talking about altruistic business actions.
The dramatic situation generated by the pandemic could not leave the field of communication indifferent, which has changed forever. Businesses have, of course, been attuned to the feelings of the population, otherwise they would have had a negative effect. Society demands new models of leadership and new ways of communicating based on trust. Companies specialising in corporate communication have understood this need and we offer renewed services to our clients.